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Site Civil Engineering

Site Civil Engineering Services

Our site civil engineering services list is technical, of course. But more than that, Davidson Engineering is comprised of experienced, capable, skillful problem solvers.

Services we provide include:

  • ADA Site Compliance Assessments
  • Expert Testimony Pertaining to Land Development Civil Engineering
  • Hydraulic Modeling for Potable and Firewater Flows and Pipe Sizing
  • Overall Site Remediation
  • Paving, Grading, and Drainage Improvements
  • Pedestrian and Sidewalk Improvements
  • Right of Way / FDOT Design and Permitting
  • Roadway Design, Re-alignment and Extensions
  • Sanitary Sewer Sizing and Lift Station Design
  • Site Development Plan (SDP) Design
  • Stormwater Management Design
  • Storm Pipe Sizing and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Utilities (Water and Wastewater) Engineering
  • Wastewater System Design (Collection/Transmission)

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